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#StartingGood will help you turn those ideas into a reality, and shape them into a sustainable social enterprise. 

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We're a current team of interns at StartSomeGood, and this our major project to spark change. 

We want to give everyone the skills and knowledge to turn their ideas into a reality, and take action to create a better world.  

March 20th to March 31st

There will be 2-3 video sessions each day, with opportunities for live Q&A. 

The #StartingGood Summit is a free-to-access virtual summit bringing together experts to talk about creating social change under two broad categories:

(1) Hear personal stories from social entrepreneurs further along in their journey, who will share their mistakes and what they've learned along the way.

(2) Hear practical tips on how to get started, tools for social change and more, from the world's most inspiring and insightful entrepreneurs, academics and trainers.

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The #StartingGood Virtual Summit is a free-to-access virtual summit that brought together 30 world renowned social entrepreneurs and experts to talk about creating social change through:




CEO of CERES, Cinnamon will be speaking about running Victoria's leading environmental sustainability hub.

Muhummad Yunus

Sharing his story and vision, Muhammad Yunus is the Godfather of Social Business and a Nobel Peace Prize Winner for his pioneering work in microfinance. 

Peter Singer

Talking about Integrating Effective Altruism in 21st century social entrepreneurship as a moral philiosopher and a leader of Effective Altruism movement.

Scott Harrison 

Sharing his story of being an unlikely social entrepreneur by becoming the Founder and CEO of Charity:Water after being a nightclub promoter.

Hildy Gottlieb 

Co-founder and Chief Boundary Pusher at Creating the Future, Hildy will be discussing the science of what creates social change and why.

Charles Best

Sharing his story from being a teacher to founding DonorsChoose, a pioneering crowdfunding platform for US public school campaigns.

Bec Scott

Sharing her story of combatting Australian youth homelessness through hospitality businesses and being Founder & CEO of STREAT Melbourne. 

Alastair Wilson

Sharing his story of becoming the CEO of the School for Social Entrepreneurs UK after being part of the first cohort in 1997.

Jan Owen

Talking about the Future of Work, Jan Owen is the CEO of Foundation for Young Australians and will share FYA's research to best prepare you for the future of work. 

Chrissy Levett

Founder & CEO of Creative Conscience UK on ''Branding and the Power of Creative Thinking to Build Social Change'.

Timothy O'Brien

Founder of Hatched on 'The Fundamentals of an Impact Driven Business Model & Building Purpose into the Core of Your Operations'.

Paul Smith

Co-Founder and CEO of Future Directors Institute on 'Building a Great Board for Social Enterprises'.

Natasha Akib

Representing Digital Storytellers, Natasha Akib on 'Storytelling for Impact'.

Tim Jones

The Grow Good Guy, Tim is giving a Sales Masterclass: 'The Sales Mindset for Social Enterprise Success.'

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(1) Their
 personal stories, major learnings, and inspiring visions from world renowned social innovators. 

(2) Some tailored, actionable tips and ideas to grow your impact and create sustainable change.


Hosted by

Jen Gurecki

Talking about Building a Sports Company for Women, by Women as the Founder & CEO of Coalition Snow.

Ernesto Sirolli

TED Speaker and thought leader on 'Changing the Way our World does Aid: Shut Up and Listen'.

Bessi Graham

Co-Founder of Benefit Capital and TDi on 'Impact Measurement for Sustainable Change'.

Harvee Pene

Co-Founder of Inspire CA on 'Smarter Financial Decisions for Startup Businesses'.

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